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Swede Team Motor - in brief

Welcome to the virtual home of Swede Team Motor, the official SAAB Sweden race team. Swede Team Motor (STM) competes in both sprint race and endurance racing with SAAB 9-3 Aero's within the SLC-cup (unfortunately only in Swedish) and within the national series in Historic Racing, the team competes with one of the classic SAAB 96 two-stroke "short-nose".

While the concept of STM has been long in the making, the team did not enter the racetracks until 2001, the two masterminds being Anders Weglin and Bo Lindman. Anders Weglin provided the initial technical know-how for the 9-3 Aero and Bo Lindman, with his background in PR, made sure that Anders' creation received the attention it was due. The team consists of both old hands, that have "been there, done that..." and younglings that are up and coming. So far all completed races for the 9-3 Aero has resulted in podium positions.

Swede Team Motor is, as the name implies, a racing team. Yet that is only one of the hats that the team wears. STM is also involved in a high school programme in cooperation with SAAB, where the students studying auto-mechanics also get to work on race cars before, during and after races. This cooperation helps to expand the students' knowledge and quality awareness.

The third hat that belongs to STM is the one of the promoter. We deliver complete events to our sponsors and other interested parties. The events naturally vary with customers, though the two most common themes are "race-day" and "driving-day". The former focuses on the participants being driven around the track in different race cars by professional drivers. The latter has a more educational focus, here the professionals teach how to drive quickly and safely – then the participants drive for themselves.

Time and opportunity permitting Swede Team Motor has its sight set on the European race circuits. SAAB is the only Swedish manufacturer that has had an official team racing on LeMans, back in 1959, the 750cc engine without turbo still propelled the SAAB 93 to a 12 th position. It makes you wonder what a SAAB 9-3 can do…

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